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About Me

Hello! My name is Daniel Blanc. I am currently in 10th grade and attending LACES. I am a technology lover; anything from computers to video games to robotics. Take a look around this portfolio to see the various projects I've done this semester!

My Theme

My theme was about me! The main reason I chose this theme was because usually I don't write a lot about myself. However since I was in my favorite subject, computers and technology, I thought I should take an opportunity to share some facts about myself. I also touched a bit on things that I like to do in my free time and also how technology has shaped who I am.

The Class

The Web Development class is very enjoyable. I really enjoyed the fact about how free form the class is. It is not like any other class. Mr. Merriman trusts us working on our own and often negotiates deadlines with us. While sometimes it is challenging to overcome problems in coding, there is a very nice feeling once I do overcome the problem and successfully complete a webpage. This class is a nice addition to my schedule. Below you will find a video that I made about the class where I simply talk about it.

My Projects


Primer was by far the easiest webpage I had to do. It was as easy as copying and pasting from the example that Mr. Merriman gave us. However I did not copy and paste; I had to windows open and I typed the code in. I did this so I can remember the code better for the future.


The basics project was when my theme came to life. This page was relatively easy because it was almost the same as the primer except with my own content.


Styles was when things started to pick up. I had a little bit of trouble getting all the formatting to work but once I figured out how to do formatting correctly it was very straight forward and easy.

Links, Tables, and Lists

Links, tables, and lists was a bit more challenging than the previous projects. It took me a while to get the idea of tables because of how all the code was text based and no visuals like in Microsoft Word. However once I figured out the tables part everything else way quite easy.

Table Layout

Table layout was probably the most time-consuming project. This was because I had to transfer all of my styles to an internal styles sheet. Also designing the actual layout was time-consuming because I had to make sure everything looked right which it often didn't so I would have to make adjustments to the size of different elements.


Forms was fairly easy project. I had to do it over the thanksgiving vacation. I wasn't in Los Angeles at the time and I still managed to finish it in decent amount of time. I enjoyed seeing how the forms that everyone fills out every day are actually made.


Frames is the project where everything came together and looked like a portfolio of all my past work. At first frames seemed like it would be the hardest project yet, however it was not at all. It was simple. The hardest part would have to be getting the links displaying in the display page but even that wasn't hard.


Divs was one of the most enjoyable projects simply because of the satisfaction I got seeing my webpage really come to life. I really tried to make the design look nice. It was also interesting to see how the div element worked and implementing it into my website to replace the frame element.


The XHTML and HTML5 project was by far the easiest project. I simply had to change my code to comply with the latest standards which wasn't really hard because I already strived to make my code perfect. I also had a major color redesign in order for my webpage to look sleeker. Finally, I had to shoot a video which at first seemed like something I wouldn't enjoy, however I had fun with it and I think it came together quite nicely. This also forced me to get familiar with Windows Movie Maker which is a good skill to have.

CSS3 and External Style Sheets

I found the CSS3 and External Style Sheets projects to be fun because I really gave my webpage a modern redesign with cool animations and styling. I incorporated a lot of styling that you would find on just about any modern webpage you see on the web today. I made it so that everything looked smooth when doing certain actions. And of course I had to bring my styling over to an external style sheet which at first gave me some problems because of the way I named things, but I fixed the naming scheme and everything worked perfectly.


JavaScipt was a very fun project to do. I got the ability to make my website interactive. I saw what other people were doing and in spirit of not being like everyone else, I tried to have some unique scripts. I really enjoyed doing this just because of the freedom I had to create anything I want. Although at times it was difficult to get the JavaScipt to work in the end I figured it out and I am really satisfied with the result.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting was the final project and also quite enjoyable. I got to upload all of my work the the World Wide Web. One thing that I did was buy my own domain instead of using the free one that Mr. Merriman told us to do. I did this so that address of my website would actually be mine and not have a sub-domain. The FTP process was quite easy and I got familiar with FileZilla. I am excited to have uploaded my first website to the internet and am now officially a web developer.